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Business Optimization

  • Our consultants specialize in advising you on the next steps towards Business Growth, including Customer Aquisition Strategies and the tools to aid your Marketing Online & Offline. 
  • These include having a Professional Website, Social Marketing & Graphic Design for Logo & Business Cards, Customer facing materials.

Business Strategy

  • Whether you have only one line of business or one hundred, having the wrong business strategy in place, or an inefficient one can mean the end of doing business faster than you may think.  
  • We will help you create a business strategy by determining your competitive advantages and focus on your strengths to dominate your industry.

Innovation Process

  • Innovation keeps your company relevant and profitable. For those who just want to coast, then new product development is not important, but for those who want to become the leader in their industry, innovation is a must. Not only is new product development a minimum requirement, but it has to be done continuously and systematically. 
  • We will help your company focus on innovation and create products or services that people want. If you would like to discuss strategies on how to take your company to the next level give us a call.

Customer Aquistion

  • Acquiring new customers involves persuading consumers to purchase a company’s products and/or services. Companies and organizations consider the cost of customer acquisition as an important measure in evaluating how much value customers bring to their businesses. 
  • We will teach you the customer acquisition management  methodologies and systems for managing customer prospects.

Social Marketing

  • We tailor make Social Media Marketing plans for our clients, taking into consideration several aspects of the Business, including the Product/Service, Demographics, Business Goals & Budget.
  • Depending on the Nature of the Business, if you are a B2C or a B2B we accordingly recommend the best Social Channel/s to be on to connect with your Demographics.

Email Marketing

  • Statistics have shown that email marketing has close to seventy (70) percent conversion rate compared to social media. This is not to say that social media is not effective for marketing. 
  • The point here is that email marketing generates a higher conversion rate because of the sheer number people using emails. Let us help you build the right plan.


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