SecondYou Go Mobile Application, Coming this January 2021

We’re super excited to announce our new application SecondYou Go, coming to market, January 2021. The application allows you to have an assistant in your pocket for busy realtors on the move. Choose from six categories: CRM, design, editing, prospecting, real estate, and social media, as well as over 25 tasks. The application’s key features are its 24/7 service, access to a team of professionals, built-in systems, and flexible payment options.


SecondYou Go 24/7 Service

SecondYou Go 24/7 Service

Why 24/7 service? As a realtor, we know the unexpected comes up all the time, and we want to be there when it does. How are we able to do this? We have employees located in multiple time zones, so someone is always available to get your tasks complete. 

Access to a Team of Professionals

SecondYou Go Access to Team of Professionals

Whether you have an in-house or virtual assistant, we know they can’t do everything; nobody can. The application gives you access to people skilled in that field. So whether you need someone to make calls, manage a transaction, or edit a video, you’ll have access.

Built-In Systems

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Systems are a wonderful thing. They allow us to produce consistent results. They are the documented best practices and tools that increase our company’s efficiency and reduce costly mistakes.

Flexible Payment Options

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The SecondYou Go application is designed for flexibility. We know there are times when you’re busier than others, and we developed the application to give you that freedom. So whether you want to sign up for a monthly subscription or pay as you go, you have that option.  

If you’re interested to hear more about the SecondYou Go application or want to be alerted as soon as it becomes available, sign up below.  

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