4 Essential Tips to Organizing your CRM

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4 Essential Tips to Organizing your CRM

To keep your marketing foundation running like a finely tuned well-oiled machine these are 4 Essential Tips to Organizing your CRM.

As a real estate professional, it’s important to get your CRM under control. It’s the foundation of all your marketing efforts; where you stay in touch with your past clients and new clients start their journey. But, to keep this fine machine running there are 4 essential tips for organizing your CRM: Clean, Update, Organize, and Campaign.

These 4 essential tips will help get your CRM organized and keep your marketing efforts effective, otherwise as the old saying goes: garbage in and garbage out.


Your CRM holds all your contacts from your sphere of influence to your new leads and nothing can hurt your marketing efforts more than sending the same email to a contact multiple times, having a low engagement, or bad emails. So how does your database get to this point, by neglecting it? It all starts with what you’re putting in your CRM and how you plan to take care of it. Are you checking for duplicate contacts, did your leads sign up to receive ongoing information, are you receiving good data?


The following 4 items should be checked when cleaning your CRM:


  • Duplicates – most CRMs have a function to check for duplicates, check for duplicates monthly. If you start to send your contacts multiple emails, they’ll see it as SPAM, they’ll open one of the two emails, or they’ll opt-out, which will all lead to lower email performance. Action merges all duplicates.
  • Complaints – check to see how many email complaints you have. This is probably due to a contact not knowing they opted in to receive emails from you or you just uploaded a list of emails you assumed would be interested in working with you. Both of these can lead to lower email performance. Action delete all complaints.
  • Inactive – contacts that just don’t interact with your emails. These contacts are obviously not interested in working with you and they ultimately lead to low email performance. Action delete all inactive or send them what they want.
  • Bounces – contacts that you have in your CRM with incorrect email addresses. By sending a large number of emails to a group of contacts with incorrect email addresses you’ll cause your emails to start going to the SPAM folder. This happens because email carriers like Gmail assume your just blasting emails to contacts you are unfamiliar with. This can destroy your email reputation, which is a great reason you should be sending your emails from a sub-domain, protecting your primary email address. Action delete all bounces, update data, and get a sub-domain.
  • Verify Emails – If you haven’t emailed to a list in a while, it’s a good idea to send them through an email verifier so you don’t get excessive complaints and or excessive bounces destroying your email reputation. Action uses a service like millionverifier.


Now that your CRM is cleaned, it’s time to update them. The more information you have on your contacts the better. It will allow you to make additional touches throughout the year. One great way to get the information you need is just to reach out to your contacts by phone, download a script below. Several other ways to get the information is through social media, services like Intelius, or tax records.

  • First & Last Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Address
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Hobbies


Once you have your CRM cleaned and updated you need to organize it. Most CRMs use a tagging system so you can most effectively organize your database. If your CRM doesn’t use a tagging system it probably has you organize them into groups. At the very least you should have your contacts organized into the following groups:

  • Past Clients
  • SOI
  • Top 50
  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Investor


Once your CRM is organized it’s time to set them up on campaigns to start automating the messages you’re delivering to your database. Each campaign should be customized to what information your audience is looking for. For example past clients who have purchased a home from you might be interested in general information about homeownership and market updates. You might want to let your sphere of influence know about your real estate activities to keep you top of mind when someone they know decides to buy or sell a home. You also have to keep in mind incoming leads. Segment incoming leads on specific campaigns based on what they click on. If they are not responding to a campaign move them to a general campaign until they click or download another specific piece of information.

Example: You want to target investor clients and decide to write a blog or post an ad about probate properties. If the investor clicks on the probate information they move into an email campaign, if there isn’t any engagement they would move to a general investor campaign where you would discuss foreclosures, probate, divorce, tax liens, and violations. When they move into foreclosures and request a list from you, you have them in the right spot.

As you can see completing these 4 essential tips to organizing your CRM will not only keep your CRM organized, but will also set the foundation for your marketing success. If organizing your CRM seems overwhelming or you just don’t have the time contact SecondYou today and hire a Virtual Assistant to do it for you. Our Virtual Assistants are trained to get your CRM organized and ready for you to start marketing!

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