Delegating Tasks to your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

At SecondYou, delegating tasks to your Real Estate Virtual Assistant is very easy. I am going to show you how it’s done in 6 easy steps.

Step 1. Identifying Delegating Task

First, identify the task.  A recent task I assigned to my Real Estate Virtual Assistant was to obtain a list of my past clients and build an excel list with first name, last name, address, birthday, and purchase anniversary date. Once they obtained this information, I’d send it out for skip tracing to get the current phone number and email address.

Step 2: Choosing a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to Delegate the task too

Second, when deciding who to delegate tasks to, you want to make sure they’re qualified. Hopefully, they have experience executing the job you’ll be delegating. I decided Jen would be the best person to delegate the task to.

She’s been a virtual assistant with SecondYou for two to three years and worked as a Virtual Assistant for five years. Jen’s also done this task before, so she would need little explanation of how I wanted it done.


Step 3: Define Task

Third, define the task.  Obtaining a past client list does take some knowledge. Primarily where to properly source the data. I sat down with Jen and explained how I wanted the task completed and asked if she had any questions.

Because she’s done this before, she felt very confident she could get it done. At SecondYou, Jen has a checklist or step-by-step process of obtaining Past Client data. If it were somebody I haven’t worked with before, I’d demonstrate how the task is done for better understanding.

Step 4: Time Frame

Fourth, set a deadline.  I gave Jen two days to finish this task; I estimated about five minutes per contact. Since there were 160 contacts, it would take about 14 hours to complete this task.

Step 5: Monitor the Delegated Task

Fifth, when delegating tasks to your Real Estate Virtual Assistant you’ll want to monitor the tasks throughout the process to make sure it’s being done correctly. Even though Jen has done this task before, it’s still a good idea to check in to see if it looks like she’s doing it correctly or if she has any questions.

In this case, I’m glad I did. Jen ran into several rental past clients and couldn’t obtain their info. I explained it would be difficult to find rental clients and probably best to skip them.

By checking in early, I avoided a lot of wasted time and being disappointed in the end.

Step 6: Review the Final Work

Finally, make sure everything was done correctly and give her credit for the job.

With these 6 steps, delegating tasks to your Real Estate Virtual Assistant is very easy. I’m able to focus on income-producing activities and other skilled tasks in my business. At SecondYou, we offer the best trained virtual assistants in the real estate industry. If you need to get your database cleaned up and organized, schedule a Discovery Call today!

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