7 Methods to Gain a Competitive Advantage Outsourcing

Certainly, there are 7 methods to gain competitive advantage outsourcing in your real estate business using virtual assistants. A competitive advantage is a dominance gained by a company when it can add the same value as its rivals, but at a lower price, or can charge higher prices by giving greater value through differentiation. In other words, your business maintains a competitive advantage when it either:

  • Provides the same value at a lower price, or
  • Provides greater value through differentiation (charging a higher price).

Meanwhile, in today’s real estate market where there are more service providers competing over the same finite number of transactions and clients’ accounts. You can’t be the same as everyone else and survive. You need to corner your niches. Therefore, a way of staying ahead of the rest is through competitive advantages.  

To help you brainstorm competitive advantages in your business, SecondYou presents just a few ideas.

Competitive Advantages of Outsourcing


Pricing is the most straightforward and apparent. Outsourcing will guarantee savings of up to 80% or more. In short, you can take this to the bank or pass it along to your clients.

How to Leverage a Virtual Assistant in Your Real Estate Business



By systematizing your back-office activities, with a scalable modular team working off-site, you improve your overall division of labor (outsourcing). This leads to greater efficiency, especially over the long-run, as your company grows and thrives. 



Working with a standardized Virtual Assistant task list doesn’t only make your life more convenient. It boosts your clients’ convenience across the board. That’s because VAs make it easier to deliver ever-ready available customer support and warm lead follow-up. (This would be prohibitively expensive to do locally.)



Achieving market saturation with your targeted advertising messages is never cheaper than when done via your Virtual Assistant team. Things like managing social media, list building, outbound cold calling, and search marketing can all be outsourced to your back-office for significant savings without loss of quality.


Nowadays, the most successful outsourcers aren’t just using an offshore back-office to cut costs. They use outsourcing to build a more innovative and unique business model. Due to their scalability, modularity, and affordability, your virtual assistant can become a crucial component in the way you do business differently (and better) than competitors. Therefore, the key is creative integration between your local team, and your back office support staff. 



Often overlooked, but not to be underestimated, are the opportunities for specialization provided by a scalable Virtual Assistant back-office. Certainly, freeing the time of key thought leaders in your business from menial tasks can allow them to focus exclusively on developing expertise and market-leading competency in highly specialized areas of operation.



Real Estate is an industry in which it can be challenging to achieve differentiation and stand-out from competitors. That is to say, it’s essential to utilize every opportunity you can to cement your uniqueness in the marketplace, and outsourcing is no exception.  

Further, a combination of the above methods of achieving competitive advantage using outsourcing can lead to more significant differentiation. And it’s all about understanding your unique strengths, how to emphasize them both in your advertising and your work processes.

So, start gaining a competitive advantage with the help of a virtual assistant. Hire a virtual assistant now!

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