Four Real Estate Facebook Strategies to Increase Engagement

According to a NAR 2019 Report on Real Estate in a Digital Age report, 97% of REALTORS® have a Facebook page. It’s easy to get started with a Facebook business page; the tricky (and necessary!) part is creating new real estate Facebook posting ideas daily to increase your audience and leads. Here are four Real Estate Facebook strategies to drive more leads and audience engagement.  

Market Update Facebook Strategy

Real Estate Facebook strategy number one is Market Update. Covid -19 has created new norms in our industry, and Zoom is one of them. So why not take advantage of this great tool and host a market update for your Farm. Many markets are hot right now, and many buyers and sellers want to know what to expect in this new year.  

  1. Start by skip tracing your Farm to get everyone’s phone numbers and email addresses.  
  2. Use those phone numbers and emails to create a Facebook Custom Audience.  
  3. Create an eye-catching ad to invite everyone to your market update Zoom event (this will force everyone to sign up)
  4. To add another dimension to this campaign, send your Farm a postcard invite too.  
  5. After your presentation, ask everyone to sign up for your neighborhood Facebook Page.  

This type of campaign will help establish you as the real estate authority in your market.  

Virtual Tour Live Event 

Real Estate Facebook strategy number two is Virtual Tour Live Event. Again, with Covid-19, not everyone is willing to tour every home they’re interested in and prefer a virtual tour to start. Why not create a Facebook Live Event to showcase your listings.  

  1. Create a Facebook Live Event
  2. Boost the event showcasing your listing
  3. On the day of the event, bring a cell phone and selfie-stick to record yourself.
  4. During the event, have the viewers DM you with questions about the property. Also, have them DM you their email address for a flyer and a list of other properties in the area.  

Live Events are a great way to work with out-of-state buyers.  

Carousel Testimonial Ad

Real Estate Facebook strategy number three is Carousel Testimonial Ads. Testimonials are a great way to build trust with potential clients. Now imagine putting three of them together with two great homes for sale. First, have an image of a house for sale, then three testimonials, followed by another listing.  

Homebot Facebook Strategy

Real Estate Facebook strategy number four is Homebot. Homebot is a great tool to inform buyer clients of the real estate market’s current conditions and sellers their home’s value. All they need to do is sign up for the FREE service. As an agent, if you’ve subscribed to this service, it’s a great way to create Seller and Buyer landing pages. Just copy the link and paste it into your Facebook business page and Boost.  

These are four Real Estate Facebook strategies that can increase your lead generation and audience engagement. Covid-19 has given way to using new technology like zoom and Facebook live. Use these tools to create more customer engagement. If you’re too busy, contact SecondYou and have one of our marketing assistants put these ads together for you.  

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