Extracting emails from your Facebook Page

Your Facebook friends list can be your best lead source; these are people that like and trust you, right! If this is true, then it’s crucial to obtain as much information about your friends as possible, starting with their emails. With an email list, you could set them up on a drip-campaign delivering great content. At SecondYou, our Virtual Assistants can extract emails from your Facebook page. We can’t get them all, but we can easily capture all the emails that are made available to the public. Let me show you our 10 step process to how your virtual assistant can extract emails from Facebook.  


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10 Step Process to Extracting Emails from Facebook

  1.  In Facebook, go to “Settings and Privacy” in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. “Settings”
  3. “Your Facebook Info” on the left.
  4. “Download Information”
  5. Check the box marked “Friends.”
  6. “Create File” and Download
  7. Open the file and drag onto a new Excel document.
  8. Copy the data and paste it into a new document
  9.  Highlight data, click the “Data” button across the top, select “Filter,” “Text,” and type in the @ symbol.
  10. All available emails populate


Deliver Outstanding Email Content

Your Facebook list can be an excellent source for potential leads. Having your Virtual Assistant extract emails from your Facebook page is a great way to start delivering your friends excellent email content. There is no easy way to obtain your Facebook friends emails; believe me, we’ve looked into all kinds of ideas: Lexus Nexus, Intelius, Yahoo email strategy, using a bot—Using this technique, you won’t get them all, but the ones you obtain will be accurate. Schedule a Discovery Call today to discuss how a SecondYou Virtual Assistant can extract emails and get you started delivering outstanding email content. To learn how to segment your Facebook list to target your message, check out this Article.

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