Managing Virtual Professionals using BPM

Managing Virtual Professionals using BPM

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Before you decide to hire your virtual professional it’s a good idea to create the processes you want to execute before bringing them on. Hiring a Virtual Assistant without a well-thought-out plan is setting yourself up for failure. Managing virtual professionals using Business Process Management is critical to the success and sustainability of your virtual real estate team. Business Process Management is defined as using business processes as a significant contributor to achieving your business objectives through the improvement, ongoing performance management, and governance of essential business processes. To put it simply, managing virtual professionals using BPM is having a written process for your real estate virtual professional to execute is essential for ongoing success.

The plan you create your virtual professional should include these 3 Elements of Managing Virtual Assistants using BPM:

  • Modeling and Design
  • Execution and Tracking
  • Performance Indicators

Let’s create a dialing process for a prospecting virtual professional that shows a clear process, execution, tracking, and performance indicators.

Modeling and Design

This step graphically depicts the business process. It’s best to start by sketching out all the steps involved in the process you’re creating. Once you have the process designed on paper, use a modeling diagram like Sensus Process Management. It will create a diagram like the one below.

BPM Element - Modeling and Design Flow

Exhibit A

Execution and Tracking

Next, you need to explain how to execute and track the process. This will inform the participants what their roles and responsibilities are.  Exhibit B & C show the objective, roles, required tools, script, and what needs to be tracked.

Execution and Tracking

Exhibit B

Performance Management

Performance management is where key performance indicators (KPIs) are tracked. Key performance Indicators will provide the ability to move from reactive to proactive and, via business analytics, move to a predictive state-this is where huge business benefits can be reaped, accompanied by improved decision making. In this example, our Key Performance Indicators are:

  • Dials
  • Talk To’s
  • Leads

The number of dials is an indicator of how hard our virtual professional is working. The number of talk to’s, to leads is an indicator of the VA’s experience level, how good or bad their script is, or how good or bad the leads are. From here you can make minor tweaks to improve performance.

Performance Management

Exhibit C

Finally, make sure your processes are in place before you hire your virtual professional. Businesses like SecondYou create and train their virtual staff on how to execute processes they’ve already created. During their clients’ initial consultation, they use or modify these processes to set their clients up for success.

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