SecondYou Overwhelmed and Overworked

SecondYou: Overwhelmed and Overworked

Feeling overwhelmed and overworked? Is it getting hard to find a work-life balance with your busy schedule? Read more if you can relate.

To-Do List

1.  Team Meeting

2.  Finish Summer Camp Applications

3.  Create a Marketing Plan

4.  Schedule Parent / Teacher Conference

5.  File Paperwork

6.  1 Hour of Prospecting

7.  Call Roofers for Estimates

8.  Get EM Deposit / Schedule Inspection

9.  Pick Up Kids

10. Attend Networking Event

If you’re a working parent, chances are excellent that at any given time, your to-do list looks like the one above – and that it stretches on, and on, and on – an endless, and eternally growing, list of deliverables. Is it any wonder that research shows that most working parents feel stressed, tired, and rushed? Or that when you look ahead, you feel more than, a little overwhelmed.

As a responsible person and a hard worker, you know how to dig in and get things done. And since becoming a parent, you’ve tried various strategies to keep the evermore intense pace.  Working parents sometimes struggle with the feeling that they are either letting down their family or not meeting their career goals.  If you are a parent looking to establish and sustain a healthier balance – for yourself, your children, and even your organization you can start with 5 easy steps to start delegating tasks and freeing up your time.

Work life balance business and family choice

Work-life balance business and family choice.

5 Easy Steps to Start Delegating

1. Identify

2. Decide

3. Off-load

4. Allocate

5. Commit

First, identify low-value tasks, look at your daily activities and decide how important each task is to you, your family, and to your firm. Do you really have the time to call the roofer for an estimate or beautify a PowerPoint presentation? Why not instead spend time designing your marketing plan, meeting clients, or attending your children’s activities.

Second, decide whether to drop, delegate, outsource, or redesign. Ask yourself, should I be doing this in the first place? Can my subordinate or an outsource company like SecondYou handle it? Consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle admin, marketing, and prospecting task.

Third, off-load tasks. Delegating work can be challenging, but also very rewarding for you and the person receiving the task. By delegating effectively you’ll be able to remove the mundane everyday task and focus on what’s important.

Fourth, allocate freed uptime. The ultimate goal is to fill hours you saved with more business-critical work. Write down two or three things that you should be doing, but aren’t, and then focus on them as much as possible. By getting more work done during the day you’ll have more time with your family when you get home.

Finally, commit to your plan. It’s crucial to share your plan with your boss and family. If you don’t, it’s too easy to slide back into bad habits. If you follow these 5 easy steps and start delegating you can change your to-do list from 10 to 4 task and start calming your chaos

Delegated List

  1. Finish Summer Camp Applications
  2. Schedule Parent / Teacher Conference
  3. File Paperwork
  4. 1 Hour of Prospecting
  5. Call Roofers for Estimates
  6. Get EM Deposit / Schedule Inspection

Your List

  1. Team Meeting
  2. Create a Marketing Plan
  3. Pick Up Kids
  4. Attend Networking Event

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