How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can Create Targeted Lists in Facebook

As a realtor, you have hundreds of friends on Facebook, many with similar interests, but rarely do you share everything in common. So, why do you share every post with all of our friends? Well, you shouldn’t. By having a virtual professional separate your Facebook friends into different lists, you can target your messages more appropriately and create higher engagement.  Below we show you how your Virtual Professional can segment your Facebook friends in 3 easy steps.

Segment Facebook Friends

First, your assistant will go through all your friends and categorize them. As a realtor, we suggest separating contacts into: realtor, lender, industry professional, past client, and other lists.  Your virtual assistant will go through each contact and determine their profession, so later when they create the lists they can add your friends to the appropriate lists.

Discovery Call

Create Lists

Second, your virtual professional will create the lists by going to “Friends List,” then “Create List.” Clicking the “Create List” button is where they’ll generate the realtor, lender, industry professional, past client, and other lists.  You can always create an additional list if you’re involved in other groups or activities.

Add Friends to the Lists

Third, after creating the lists, they’ll select the appropriate friends to add to the lists.   A friend can be added to more than one list.  

More Targeted / Receive More Engagement

Segmenting your Facebook contacts is a simple task you can delegate to your virtual assistant. Now, when you’re creating your next post, you can choose which friends lists will be able to see it. Your messages will be more targeted and receive more engagement. Schedule a Discovery Call today to have one of our Virtual Professionals at SecondYou, segment your Facebook friends in 3 easy steps.






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