High client satisfaction is at the core of every successful real estate agent. Every section of your real estate business must be well-maintained and organized, of course, but you would especially want to keep your clients close and your high-rated clients closer. Even for startup businesses, the key to growing your company lies in good customer relationships.

CRM solutions enable you to build long-term connections with your clients to boost sales, enhance profitability, and increase client satisfaction. Every CRM software is tailored to the type of CRM your business needs.

5 Types of CRM for your Real Estate Business

  • Analytical
  • Collaborative
  • Strategic
  • Operational
  • Campaign Management

You may be wondering which of these CRM types is best for your business. Well, you will find that out as you go further in this article.

First things first, what is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a platform designed to manage your business’s interactions with its existing and potential clients. This aims to strengthen and improve business relationships.

The CRM Guide: Choosing What’s Best For Your Real Estate Business

CRM is defined as Customer Relationship Management.

A CRM solution allows you to focus on your company’s relationships with the people involved in your business — such as clients, service users, colleagues, or suppliers — throughout the life cycle of the relationship, including attracting customers, winning their loyalty, and offering assistance and added services.

CRMs are commonly referred to as software programs meant to handle a variety of activities such as contact/sales management, business transactions, and so on. However, it applies to more than only sales. Most CRM solutions’ technical characteristics enable their application in a variety of workflow areas such as client services, human resources departments, supply-chain operations, and more.

At SecondYou, we have launched the SecondYou Go Application to aid busy realtors with their CRM tasks. You can request through the app tasks such as adding contacts, creating campaigns, cleaning, organizing, and updating your CRM database. This real estate technology aims to improve your customer service, sales management, productivity, and other areas while you take your time back and focus on more important tasks.

SecondYou Go CRM Task Category

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CRM Types explained

Different types of CRM

CRM helps you manage your contacts.

Regardless of industry or company size, CRM software benefits include improved customer support, a better grasp of client and prospect relationships, improved operations, and, eventually, more successful sales.

You already know that there are 5 types of CRM, now let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Analytical – a CRM that supports visual analytics, providing you with deeper insights into your customers, their relationships with your business, and the opportunities.

Analytical CRMs assist businesses in making better use of consumer information. Customer preferences, channels, points of contact, interests, and other factors can all be included. Components for data mining can acquire additional information, such as trends, and aid in the recognition of patterns in data sets based on contact data. Companies may utilize the data they already collect in this manner to improve business operations.

Examples of Analytical CRM software are Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics365, and Pipedrive.

  • Operational – this type enables you to better operate your business based on the consumer data you acquired.

Operational CRMs empower your marketing, sales, and customer support units to better assist current and prospective clients.

Having all of your company’s information in one place enhances how it works. Simultaneously, there is less risk of “losing” a transaction or misunderstanding between departments.

HubSpot and EngageBay are examples of Operational CRM.

  • Campaign management – used to conduct sales or marketing campaigns utilizing contact information obtained in the system.

It is vital to identify this type of CRM system, however, if your objective is to use contact information to plan, manage, and analyze better campaigns. In this case, the process is reversed, which means you may use the CRM as a tool to conduct a campaign, which is subsequently delivered using email integration software.

The CRM Guide: Choosing What’s Best For Your Real Estate Business

It is vital for real estate businesses to identify the suitable CRM software for their company.

One great example of Campaign Management CRM is Keap.

  • Collaborative – the emphasis here is on how you may engage with your vendors and distributors using shared consumer data.

Collaborative CRMs enable various sections inside your organization to exchange customer information. While operational CRMs frequently focus on marketing and sales, the emphasis, in this case, is on customer service.

With collaborative CRMs, you can improve information sharing across departments like sales and marketing, as well as support teams. These departments frequently operate independently, making it more difficult to respond to consumer inquiries. Managing customer connections is simplified with collaborative CRMs.

Examples include Sage and Copper.

  • Strategic – this kind prioritizes customers, helping you to make better business decisions based on knowledge about consumers and market trends.

Strategic CRM, which is sometimes included in the concept of collaborative CRMs, focuses on customers. In this case, gathering information on clients and their interactions with your business may lead to an improvement in their relationship with them.

This form of CRM is referred to as strategic. This not only provides immediate information but also changes or customizes the way you connect with consumers in the long term. This method is beneficial if your company prioritizes long-term connections above rapid sales and brief promotions.

CRM solutions are just one feature of the SecondYou Go application, and what’s remarkable about this mobile app is that you can access a team of professionals rather than just one person with the press of a finger. You’ll get a little bit of everyone to assist you with your real estate business!

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So, what “type” of CRM does my real estate business need?

If you’re having trouble deciding on a CRM, you should first identify and assess your business objectives.

            Are you aiming to streamline your marketing or sales processes?

            Are you seeking ways to better understand your customers?

            How do you want your business’s departments to collaborate?

            Do you prioritize long-term client relationships?

            Are you searching for marketing strategies that are both strong and effective?

You can determine which one is ideal for your company by asking these questions. After that, you must ensure that your CRM database is well-organized to keep your business running smoothly. Here are the 4 Essential Tips for Organizing your CRM.

Now, you know what you need and what CRM to get. We know how busy your day can get and you might not have time to sit down and list down all your contacts. So, to help you get started with building your CRM database, download SecondYou Go on your mobile phone. Get this done on just a few taps instead of sitting all day and keying every contact on your database. Go and get back your time, you earned it!

SecondYou Go CRM Task Category

Request CRM tasks from your phone and take back time.

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