What is time management? Time management is taking control of your life rather than life taking control over you. This means that you have all your schedules in place, have a work-life balance, and you are on top of every task. Being too busy can mess up everything – from schedules, priorities, and even your personal life. A busy realtor needs serious time management strategies for him to survive the crazy real estate industry.

The importance of time management strategies for a busy realtor is that it can calm the chaos within yourself and your business. You can finish your daily tasks efficiently and check out tasks from your list one by one without a hassle. Here are the 5 best time management strategies that will help you how to manage time best.


1. Prioritize Daily Tasks

Prioritize Daily Tasks

Prioritize daily tasks by writing a “To-Do List”

The first rule in time management is that you have to figure out which of the things you need to do that have the highest priority. This is the first strategy in effectively managing your time as a busy Realtor.

You can arrange a “To-do” list on your calendar that alerts you when it’s time to do a specific task. For example, launching a paid Facebook campaign needs to set off on Monday, at first working day of the week. Therefore, before you get busy with other things, you can launch the campaign and move on to the next tasks you have on your plate. These may include sending emails to your leads, calling for follow-ups, etc.

In addition, it is also best to use the Eisenhower Matrix. Mindtools Team says, ”Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle helps you think about your priorities, and determine which of your activities are important and which are, essentially, distractions.”

This principle uses four categories. You will take note of all of the activities and categorize them as Important and Urgent -, Important but Not Urgent,  Not Important but Urgent, and Not Important and Not Urgent.

Eisenhower Matrix Urgent-Important Matrix

Eisenhower Matrix Urgent-Important Matrix

After that, do what is not that important. Revisit them later and see if you can delegate them or maybe renew the tasks if you’re doing it repeatedly and not achieving any results.

2. Become Part of a Team and Delegate What You Can

Real estate professionals with team members that focus on specific tasks are beneficial to everyone in general. If you have agents, coordinators, or even virtual assistants, you can concentrate on what matters most and reach your goal in no time.

Become Part of a Team and Delegate What You Can

Become Part of a Team and Delegate What You Can

However, some are not aware of available resources online. Delegating is an excellent way to lighten your workload. Delegation is a key part of the time management strategies for a busy realtor. You can hire virtual assistants or a team to delegate tasks to. There are available real estate virtual assistants who can follow up on your prospects, make calls on your behalf, and some other tasks. It’s like a second “you”!

For instance, this is what SecondYou – a real estate virtual assistant services company is offering. SecondYou says, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could create another “You,”, so you could get more done in the day? Unfortunately, until they perfect cloning, that’s not possible. But, you’ve come to the right place. SecondYou was designed by business professionals for business professionals. SecondYou enables business professionals around the world to earn back time through the use (and leverage) of highly trained and skilled virtual professionals. Certainly, these virtual professionals are trained to duplicate your efforts in the area of admin, marketing, and prospecting.”

3. Automate

Real Estate Marketing Automation is all about using modern technology to automate digital marketing activities. Real Estate Agents can convert more leads through Social Media automation, CRM Automation, Email campaign automation, and so much more.

Time Management Strategies for Social Media

When it comes to social media automation, you can always automate content posting tools such as HootSuite, Buzzsumo, SocialPilot, and much more.

Get help in creating and scheduling social media content from SecondYou Virtual Assistants. You are not just acing your time management strategies, you are also building consistency in your brand.

Time Management Strategies for CRM

With CRM Automation, Emile L’Eplattenier of The Close says, “There is a dirty secret in real estate no one talks about. Most agents at the top are kind of cheating. No, they’re (probably) not committing Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) violations or hoarding pocket listings, but they’re using robots (!) to automate many of the tasks you might still be doing the old-fashioned way. Their robotic secret weapon? A good CRM that helps them reach the right lead, with the right message, at the right time.”

A great CRM can save you HOURS of work per day and help you nurture leads long enough to become clients and closed deals.” He added.

CRMs help you target the good leads at the right time.

Lead Generation tools are also time management tools. Anna Crowe of Leadfeeder published 46 Top Lead Generation Tools of 2021. She says, ”Some people believe that lead generation tools mean more leads = more money. These are often the same people that bring “Tofurkey” to Thanksgiving. Ignore those people. They are bad influences. The truth is that lead generation is like the narcissistic guest at a dinner party. If he’s really that interesting –– narcissist or not –– you’ll want to listen to him again and again.”

“This is the same for generating leads. In fact, 73 percent of B2B companies are focusing on lead quality over lead quantity.” She added.

4. Utilize Online Time Management Tools

There are many time management tools that you can download for free online such as RememberThe Milk.com, Evernote.com, Dropbox.com, and so much more.

These tools can help you work more fruitfully and help you balance your personal and professional life.

Kirstin O’Donovan listed 18 Best Time Management Apps and Tools (2021 Updated). “If you’re not taking advantage of some of the hundreds of time management apps and tools out there (such as an effective planner like this), you’re definitely missing a trick,” she added.

5. Buy Helpful Gadgets and the Application for Time Management Strategies

SecondYou Mobile Application for a Busy Realtor

SecondYou Mobile Application for a Busy Realtor

If it will make your life easier then go for it! Increase your productivity by using helpful gadgets and applications. It may be a new mobile phone or a computer, or it may be a subscription to an application, if this will help you save time and get more tasks done, then buy it or sign up for it!

Take a look at our upcoming mobile app. SecondYou Mobile Application is the FIRST real estate virtual assistant mobile app ever! It’s like having an assistant in your pocket. It can do more than one virtual assistant. This includes CRM, editing, design, prospecting, real estate, and social media – with 25 subcategories that will cover all your real estate needs. Read here about the latest news about SecondYou Mobile Application.

Which of these is a successful time management strategy? Many realtors have developed their system. Depending on the need, you can have one, a combination, or all of the strategies above. In conclusion, the best time management strategy is the one that works for you. Have an experiment, try everything. Have a list of your tasks and identify what strategy applies to each task. But, we are sure that these strategies will land on your list.

Start planning your time management strategies and calm the chaos in your business. Don’t be a “Busy Realtor”, instead be a “Productive Realtor”!

Schedule a free consultation to know more about SecondYou services or request a demo of the SecondYou Mobile Application.

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