In our previous blog, we have discussed and understood what is a “Virtual Assistant”. Now that everyone is working online, it’s a great idea to hire a Virtual Admin Assistant that works like a second “you.” When having a virtual assistant work on your business transactions, emails, appointments, and corporate banking, it’s essential to be mindful of their qualities like honesty, attention to detail, time management, verbal and writing skills.


Top 5 Qualities you must consider in a Virtual Assistant!



First on the list of the top 5 qualities your virtual assistant must have is honesty. Trust is a significant factor to be considered when hiring someone online because virtual assistant’s tasks require handling personal details, login information, passwords, and even bank information. Some employers use the TORC Technique (Threat of Reference Check). It is essential to check on references, especially when they suspect the candidate to be untrustworthy.

View their social media account on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. It will give you an idea of their personality, and how they interact with their peers.

Give your virtual assistant a test before the real game. Ask them to take a timed assessment to see if the skills they mentioned are valid. During the interview, you can give them an upfront skills assessment and see if their results match their resume. During the interview, you may also give them hypothetical scenarios and see how they respond. Their answers will highlight their knowledge on the matter.



Thoroughness in accomplishing tasks and making sure there aren’t any mistakes are vital traits for this role, including login or passwords and client data. Just one mistake by your virtual assistant can put your company’s reputation at risk. As you’re explaining a task to your virtual assistant, make sure they’re taking notes to avoid costly future mistakes.



It will save your company lots of dollars if your virtual assistant can effectively manage their time. Instead of hiring two or three virtual professionals, you may only need one rockstar virtual assistant that is cognisant of their time. Time Management can save money and double productivity.
To help your virtual assistant from mismanaging their time, prioritize and group similar tasks and avoid distractions.



Though English is not the primary language of most virtual assistants, your virtual assistant must have a minimal accent. A nominal accent is essential for roles that involve handling calls inbound or outbound. It is paramount that your customers can understand them flawlessly. Their ability to speak more than one language is also a big plus, especially when calling in areas with multiple nationalities.
Communication also happens on different platforms – text, chat, email, etc., that requires a virtual assistant to have a complete understanding of the English language.



If your virtual assistant also handles your website’s content, manages social media and email, their writing skills must be excellent. When interacting with customers, your virtual assistant must communicate with the utmost clarity, proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Every email they send represents you and your company.

Jeffrey Gitomer, American Author & Business Trainer, says, “Your grammar is a reflection of your image. Good or bad, you have made an impression. And like all impressions, you are in total control.”

If you’re looking for Top 5 Qualities Your Virtual Assistant Must Have, reach out to virtual assistant companies such as SecondYou today!

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