SecondYou FAQ




Where are SecondYou's Virtual Assistants and Call Center employees located?

Most of our employees are located in the Philippines with exception of our Spanish speaking employees in Mexico.


Do your employees speak good English?

English is a primary language in the Philippines (all their signs, menus, general information is printed in English).  All the VAs and Call Center agents SecondYou hires must have a minimum of 2 years Call Center or Virtual Assistant experience (this ensures they've been speaking to US customers already for a minimum of 2 years).  Of course some Filipinos have a stronger accent than others no different than someone in the US who has a strong Southern, Midwestern, or East Coast accent.


How do I change my plan or cancel service?

In order to change your plan you need to give a minimum of two weeks notice.  So if you're interested in increasing, decreasing, or canceling your service.  Please click this link and complete the form.


Do I get a dedicated Virtual Assistant?

If you're using our Full Time or Part Time service you'll have a dedicated virtual assistant.  Block time users will not have the same VA every time, but our VAs complete each task using the same processes so you should receive a consistent experience.


Who are your typical clients?

Virtual Assistant

We serve the real estate industry and small business.  Our clients range from real estate professionals, investors, title companies, non-profits, lenders, insurance, and finance professionals.

Answering / Scheduling Service

We serve a wide range of cliental; Incoming leads for realtors, plumbing, electrical, medical, real estate and attorney offices.


How do I know my Virtual Assistants are actually working?

We have a number of systems in place to ensure all Virtual Professionals are working during their scheduled hours.  For our Answering Scheduling service the call center will show their online working, all Virtual Assistants check in and out during their shift, team leads checking in, call reports, and work complete.


Does the Answering & Scheduling Service include Live Chat?

Yes, all of our plans in include live chat.


Do I need to sign a contract?

All of our plans have a terms of service contract that must be completed before you can start.  We do not have long term contracts our Virtual Assistant Service and Answering Scheduling Service is month to month and requires a two weak cancelation notice.


How do I pay for my virtual assistant?

All service are paid monthly in advance using a credit card on file.


Are your employees trained?

Yes, all of our employees start by going through initial company training, specialty training, and weekly ongoing training modules.